Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Share the Love with OfferMe's Group Buy this Valentine's

Need help finding the right gift for Valentine's Day? OfferMe's Bekim Ahmedi suggests checking out Group Buy.

Wasn't I just saying that you should check out Group Buy for Christmas gifts? How did we get to Valentine's Day already? I really can't believe that a whole year has passed since I was running around trying to find a decent bunch of roses to buy for my wife. Flowers, flowers and flowers. Over priced and unoriginal are just two thoughts that come to mind when I think flowers. But really, what else do I get my wife for Valentine's Day?

Well, we're trying to add a little more variety this year with OfferMe's Group Buy. Our Deal Detective, Erick, is doing his best to source great deals that'll make your partner feel the love this year. And I say partner because, ladies, we like the ol' Valentine's Day gift to, you know? Although, hun, if you're reading this, no flowers!

Each week, when Erick finds something decent, he'll 'Heart' it. If you see a little heart appear next to the picture, take a click and give it a look. As usual, these we'll be at great Group Buy reduced prices.

Love laptops? Well, we've got a great range coming your way in February. Our Love the Laptops promotion will see four stunning machines, each a little different than the next, go on sale at unbeatable prices. There will be an all-rounder, a stylish travel companion, a back-to-school special and finally a gamer's dream. This week's, the all-rounder, is the ASUS U1E... Check it out!

Finally, don't forget the results from last week's Valentine's Day Voting! We saw some really great gift packs take to the polls and the winner's were:

So, if you're stressing about this year's Valentine's Day, breathe! You'll love what we've got at OfferMe.

The Group Buy Summer Selection rolls on

OfferMe's Business Development Manager, Erick Teresa evaluates last week's Group Buy Summer Selection Sales Results.

Our Summer Selection promotion has really given our Group Buy participants the opportunity to make their voices heard by picking the products they would like to purchase. The concept is pretty simple, but if this is the first time you've heard about it, I'll explain it again: Each week we introduce five new selections promoting variety, competitive pricing and the power to choose when your item is put on sale on our Group Buy site. All you have to do is cast your vote. Not only is it obligation free to vote, you'll also get $1 in OfferMe Credit when you do!

The first week's vote, on Games & Accessories, went to the polls two weeks ago, with the winners hitting Group Buy last week. The Week 1 Champion, the PS3 DualShock Controller, went on sale Tuesday, followed by the FIFA 2010 PS3 Game on Wednesday, and finally the Microsoft XBox Controller on Thursday.

Results were amazing to say the least. After only five minutes, the PS3 Controller had already sold 20 units and by the following day, this Group Buy deal was sold out. The hype was so intense that we had buyers looking to book multiple controllers prior to the midday launch time! Further, after selling out of all stock, numerous buyers came to us asking us to source more sellers for this particular Group Buy!

It'll be interesting to see how this week's sales go. For those of you that didn't get a chance to vote last week, you missed out on deciding between an array of household appliances. The candidates were a GoDuster, a Swivel Sweeper, a pair of Stain Removing Pens, a portable Steam Iron and Digital Bathroom Scales. (For more info about these items, click here) The Scales jumped out to a huge lead, which it held onto in spite of a late surge on the Swivel Sweeper. Following in third was the electric-powered and electro-magnetised GoDuster.

Here's the Group Buy Medals Podium:


The Scales go on sale today - Check it Out

The Swivel Sweeper & GoDuster hit the Group Buy markets on Wednesday & Thursday respectively. For those, keep an eye on

This week's Summer Selection focuses on digital cameras & accessories. This includes two high quality digital cameras, a great deal on a 7-inch digital frame and an elite professional standard, travel-secured camera bag. These are items that have seen heavy requests on OfferMe and we believe you, the buyers, will enjoy this vote.

Just make your voice heard! Go to

The OfferMe Community: Voting for Group Buy

Nadim Sharbean discusses the results from Week 1 of the Summer Selection.


Summer Selection Week 1: Group Buying Gaming & Accessories

Well, a week has passed and our Group Buy Summer Selection has found its first victor. Nearly two hundred people cast their vote, making their voices heard. With the wide range of games and gaming equipment, it was a tough selection. Yet in the end one item stood far ahead of the rest.

Here's how the Group Buy Summer Selection medal table ended up:


I'll admit, I'm a tad disappointed. I voted for the item that came in fourth; the game Borderlands on Playstation 3. However I'm also keen on getting FIFA 2010, so I may redirect the Borderlands money to that.

In the end even our suppliers were stunned by the huge demand for the White PS3 Controller. With only 20 in stock, they had to race out and scrounge together whatever other controllers they have available. Luckily for them, most didn't mind the colour. They just wanted the great price on the device! The sale went live yesterday and (at time of posting) 50 had already been sold.

Summer Selection Week 2: Group Buying Household Appliances

This week five new products will go to the polls, all in the household appliance category. Here is a brief run-down of each candidate:

Group Buy – 2 x Bleach Pen Stain Removers:

These bleach pens will make your whites shine again! These pens are great for getting tough stains out of white clothing and off household surfaces. Simply dab with either the pinpoint end or the wide end and rinse it off. Great for those really nasty stains like red wine, coffee rings, mildew and more.

Group Buy – The GoDuster:

This is an electric duster that uses electro-magnetics to help catch dust. Now, I can't quite comment on the GoDuster, but I have used an item exactly like this myself. And I'll say this, they're brilliant! Just point it at the dust and it'll whip it away. The best aspect is you can get this thing into hard-to-reach areas and get to the dust without having to do too much.

Group Buy – Portable Dual Purpose Mini Steam Iron:

This little take-anywhere device is a must have for any frequent traveller. This iron not only does the job of more traditional irons, but it also has a steam 'n brush feature that'll help you clean your garments on the go. Remove the creases from folded up luggage and get that suit or dress ready for a night out!

Group Buy – The Swivel Sweeper:

This is a nifty item that'll make cleaning up little messes even easier. This Sweeper is essentially a powerless vacuum cleaner with 360-degree cleaning movement. What this means is it cleans no matter which way to push it so you never miss a speck of a dust.

Group Buy – Digital Bathroom Scales:

Want to know how harsh Christmas was on you? Well this scale is just the right item. No one likes to step on the scales, but with New Years' resolutions about to take effect, there's no time as the present to start measuring your success. Designed in chic black and taking up to 180kg in weight, these scales are a smart addition to any bathroom.

Seen something you'd like to Group Buy? Then you better make sure you vote for it!

This vote runs 'til midnight Sunday, January 17th, with the winner going on sale the following Tuesday. To see more product details and cast your vote, click here.

OfferMe is built to cater to the Buyer's voice... So make your voice heard!

Group Buy Voting: Whetting your appetite

OfferMe's Bekim discusses how the Summer Selection is putting the cherry on Group Buy...

Like everyone else, the decisions I make shape my life. This statement is never more true than when it comes to spending my hard-earned money. Each decision I make, from where I buy my coffee to what type of car I purchase, is a choice I weigh up. Sure, I spend much more time choosing the car than the cupper, but you get the point. Which brings me to this week's blog topic: Voting on Group Buys.

Group Buy: On the Menu...

Throughout the month of January we are giving users of OfferMe the choice of which products should go live in our Group Buy deals. Just like the menu at a restaurant, we will bring you a category and you get to choose what you want us to sell.

In our Group Buy newsletters and banners on our site you will see the Summer Selections banners and products you can vote on. This week's featured category will be gaming with these five products going live:

FIFA 2010

All users can vote for the one they want to see go on sale. Voting goes through for a week, with the top three products going on sale the following week in order or 1st to 3rd on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Group Buy Voting: For Dessert...

You can also earn OfferMe Credit throughout the voting process! You'll receive $1 OfferMe Credit for each of your votes. Plus, tell your friends to vote, and if they register and vote, you'll receive a further $1 OfferMe Credit for each friends vote. So if you can successfully get 30 of your friends to vote, you can make a total of $31 OfferMe Credit to spend on

So check out for the first Summer Selection vote today by clicking here and make the decision that shapes your buying experience.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Introducing Group Buy on Services

OfferMe’s Deal Detective, Erick Teresa presents yet another concept that's guaranteed to put savings in your pocket.

I have always been passionate about our online Group Buying concept and what it means to our users. People come online to get a great product at the most competitive price and I'm proud to say that our team has performed exceptionally well to serve that purpose. OfferMe consistently provide great value products at the best prices we can negotiate from reputable sellers. Each of whom pass a stringent registration process just to be part of the site. We have introduced a wealth of communication tools ensuring your voice is heard and that you can purchase products in full confidence.

However, the last thing we want to do is rest on that success. Over the last couple of weeks we started receiving high level interest from our users that focused on a new line of business. No company is currently providing this new concept and we thought, “Why not OfferMe?” Our team started initial discussions and, after heavy research, proudly present a brand new concept that's guaranteed to open a whole new world of opportunities, while continuing to save you dollars and time.

Group Buy at your Service

Group Buys on services allow you to grab a great deal on an activity! Get a discount on great meats at select restaurants. Save bonus dollars on a weekend away for you and your partner. Pamper yourself with a spa treatment for only a only a fraction of the original price. The possibilities are endless and so are the savings.

One of our verified sellers, City Hunter Internet Cafe is the nation's only gaming orientated internet cafe chain, providing their patrons the very best in e-Entertainment. They do this by combining the latest in PC technology along with a large array of games. They feature five stores in the Sydney area spanning from Chatswood to Burwood. With their 6th anniversary just passed, City Hunter has grown to be a popular destination for the new generation LAN gaming population.

Every Christmas, City Hunter offer $21 Gift Cards, allowing patrons to give their friends and loved ones a minimum of six hours of free playtime. This year, they're offering that same card through OfferMe, becoming the first company to be part of the Group Buy on services program. Thanks to Group Buy, City Hunter will be selling the Gift Cards for $15 off! That's $6 each. Additionally, for the first 99 cards you can use up to $5 in OfferMe Credit.

That's $21 of playtime for a mere $1. Check it out

We're pretty excited about this first Group Buy on a service. We feel it shows the potential of this new feature and we hope you embrace it. We're aiming to provide you with even better deals going forward; in travel, accommodation meals and entertainment. Further, if there's something that you've always wanted to do, but were waiting for the best price, tell me. After all, this is Group Buy at your service.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The OfferMe Community: Group Buy goes to the Polls

Community Manager, Nadim Sharbean tells you how you'll be getting more control over Group Buy deals.

The People's Choice...
Group Buy Assassin's Creed II

Two Thursday's ago we held a vote for Christmas to tell us which PS3 game you wanted most on Group Buy. On our end there wasn't a big push. A small banner in the daily newsletters and a few mentions on Facebook. And yet the results were massive, with Assassin's Creed II and Tekken 6 going neck-to-neck right down to the wire. Near 150 users chimed in to give us their thoughts and, when it seemed that Tekken had taken the race, a huge surge for Assassin's Creed pushed it over the line.

Here are the final results for the Group Buy vote:

Assassin's Creed II –
56 votes (37%)
Tekken 6 – 46 votes (30%)
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – 28 votes (18%)
Dragon Age: Origins – 17 votes (11%)
The Saboteur – 6 votes (4%)

Everyone's a Winner with Group Buy...

Well, almost everyone. In the end, the three top games went on sale through Group Buy at the ridiculously cheap price of $49.95. This was even cheaper than a certain gaming companies 'Insider Online 24-hour Discount Bonanza', who advertised at about $10 more. In fact, over 30 people have already joined the Group Buys for Assassin's Creed and Tekken, with Uncharted 2 going live today. I, myself, have joined the Assassin's Creed Group Buy and am seriously thinking about Uncharted as well.

At those prices I can afford two games for Christmas!

The Group Buy Voting will live on...

2010 is going to be a bigger year for OfferMe. There's a lot in the pipeline set to make your experience on our site even more enjoyable. My favourite is our Summer promotion, the Summer Selection. Similar to the past PS3 game vote, we'll be hosting polls on a wide range of categories, allowing you to choose the best products you want on OfferMe. The aim is to keep ensuring we have the Group Buy deals that you're after. Obviously, the most important thing will be your vote! Sure, picking politicians can be tough... But knowing what you want or need for the house etc is easy enough.

So keep your eyes peeled for the Summer Selection, there are bound to be some sizzling deals to start the new year with a bargain!

Make Your Group Buy Voice Heard...

Did you know that OfferMe's Request It service is similar to these Group Buy votes? Simply user the OfferMe search bar to find the product you're after and click 'Register Interest'. When a product has enough interest behind it, our Deal Detectives will do their best to turn it into a Group Buy!
If you don't find the product you're after, list it. Then, whoever else is looking for the product, can also add their support to it.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Answering the Concerns of Group Buy

OfferMe's Deal Detective, Erick Teresa discusses the steps he takes to ensure your Group Buy questions get answered.

Ever look for a product online – even in our Group Buy – and worry that it might not be exactly what you are looking for? Maybe it's a new laptop and you want to make sure it's perfect to play your favourite games. Maybe you are looking for a a Digital Camera and you want to compare optical zoom specifications with another model that's for sale online. The product looks great and so does the price. You just need to sort out this small enquiry and once answered, you're ready to purchase the product; or, in the case of Group Buy hit the “I Want To Buy” button.

With other eRetail sites that's where the problems usually arise. You want to ask someone but have no idea exactly who to ask. It's not like there's a sales rep to even spend some time chatting with you about the product. If you really want the item, you will end up sending an email to the general enquiries department while waiting anxiously for a response. Usually you end up waiting an eternity. Sometimes you may not even get a response! More times out of most, you'll end up leaving and buying your item across the road where you paid more money but at least you received assistance from someone who was available to help.

Who can blame you? No one wants to spend their hard earned dollars on an item they don't have full confidence in. Undoubtedly, this lack of a personal touch is a huge problem within the eCommerce world, where most items are available without any assistance at all.

Of course, at OfferMe, we've gone a ways to make sure we're there to answer this questions. This is what makes OfferMe so different to everyone else online.

Group Buy is Buyer focused...

Firstly, whilst OfferMe works hand-in-hand with the sellers on our site, it's important to separate us from these eRetailers. This allows us to remain as a buyer focused platform, giving us the ability to to negotiate competitive deals. To ensure we're getting the best possible deal, our team researches both online and off-line competitors. Each Group Buy deal listed goes through the same stringent qualifying process. This helps us stay true to the buyers demands, as they continually receive quality deals and at highly competitive prices.

We also provide a wealth of communication tools ensuring you have our full support.

Answer your Group Buy question Live...

As with most companies, customer support is a crucial part of our service. Our head of Customer Services, Sakshi Paul, oversees all of our customer enquiries ensuring our buyers are fully supported and that their issues are addressed within a timely efficient manner. Sakshi also manages our live chat feature during business hours, providing live support for users through instant chat messaging. It's a safe, secure and personal way to get the answer to any product-specific or service-related question you may have.

Get InTouch to discuss any Group Buy concerns...

Some of you may already know about OfferMe's InTouch. Yet the truth is, a lot of users are unaware of the full potential InTouch gives them. InTouch is OfferMe's community platform where everyone can share their own experiences, product knowledge and even team up to get a Group Buy Deal.

Further, I'm on there. I spend a fair amount of my time in InTouch getting ideas about new products to source or speaking to concerned buyers. Simply add me as a friend and I'll keep you up-to-date with the deals I'm currently negotiating while trying solve any of your product issues.

Settling any Group Buy issues across the web...

Everyone knows that the 'net is a big place. OfferMe isn't confined to the OfferMe site alone. There are other places you can chat to OfferMe users and get the answers you're after. Our Online Content Manager, Nadim Sharbean, manages an OfferMe Facebook fanpage which has grown to over a thousand fans within a couple of weeks. While the latest Group Buy Deals and some hilarious video clips make up the bulk of the site, you can also chat to other OfferMe fans & users, and compare your experiences.

If you're a forum surfer, the best place to find chatter about OfferMe Group Buys is Australia's number one retail forum, Online Marketing Coordinator, Bekim Ahmedi works hard to consult all questions that appear on the site. Staying involved in threads like this ensures that all these answers to obvious concerns remain available to anyone that may share them.

What I'm essentially trying to emphasise is that, when you choose to shop with OfferMe and use our Group Buy service, you are not alone. Our team is here to assist you, providing the full support you need to confidently make your purchase.